How do I hang my swing shelf? 

We recommend using 2 strong hooks, and for the strongest results please use wall plugs to secure the hooks into your wall. (Please note not all walls are made from the same material and in some cases this recommendation is not the best option due to this. This recommendation is based on a regular brick/mortar/concrete/plastered wall) 

Please wrap/loop the rope around the wall hooks once to secure your shelf into place and prevent tipping due to uneven weight distribution. 


How do I hang my picture shelf?

- Measure and mark your wall, ensuring the measurement is the same distance as the measurement between the keyhole brackets (to the centre of each hole). Use a level to ensure your holes are straight and level.

- Insert screws into the points you have just marked on the wall using a screw driver. Depending on your walls material you may need to drill and insert a wall plug first. (Ensure you can still see a small amount of the screws shaft to allow you to place your shelf on the screws). If your shelf leans slightly forward you may need to adjust the amount the screw is inserted

- When flipping your shelf's orientation please unscrew and flip the keyhole bracket using the same fixing holes. (You may need to use slightly larger screws ensuring the screws are a tight fit) Do not over screw or use too large of a screws as this may pierce through the material. 

(We do not recommend flipping the orientation of the shelf's keyhole bracket on the reverse too many times as this could cause the brackets to become loose). 


How do I attach the legs onto my rattan crib (Let it Shine + Twist 'n' Shout)? 

Flip the bassinet part of the crib so it is upside down. Align the legs with the bottom of the bassinet and using a screwdriver and the screws provided, screw in the screws tightly into the predrilled holes. Do not over-screw the screws into the crib. 


When will my order arrive? 

As some of our items are made to order, our dispatch times can vary. Please check individual items for processing times. Please note if you have ordered multiple items we will dispatch all items at the same time unless stated otherwise. 


How do I hang my wooden wall art?

We recommend using command wall strips and cut them to the desired size. 


How do I track my order? 

We use multiple couriers depending on your location and your orders size and weight. Please check your orders dispatch email and for your tracking number and courier. 

We use Royal Mail, Parcelforce, UPS and DPD. 

Please find tracking links below for each company, where you can enter your tracking number.

Royal Mail -

Parcelforce -