Hot Air Balloon Decoration - Small - Super Balloon

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Hot Air Balloon Decoration - Small - Super Balloon

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Float away into the clouds with these beautiful handmade hot air balloon decorations. They will look great in any nursery, Child's room or playroom. 

Available in multiple colour combinations and sizes.



  • Outside: 100% polyester
  • Ropes: cotton
  • Basket: stained wood


  • Decoration line / fishing line for hanging the balloon
  • Plastic dowel to close the valve
  • Plastic hooks to attach to the wall or ceiling

Maintenance: Clean with a soft cloth

Information: This product is not a toy and is for decorative purposes only. Do not hang over baby's/children. 

Dimensions: 16 cm/6.3 inches; height 28 cm/11 inches

How to inflate: The hot air balloon is shipped deflated and carefully packaged in its individual box. There is a valve hole at the top of the balloon, inflate the balloon with a hand pump gently to ensure even fill. Don’t over inflate. Please note: the pump is not included but can be bought from the website and any ball pump will work to inflate the balloons. If you would like us to pump the balloon for you before dispatch please contact us directly. (Only available when purchasing small balloon)

How to install: Use fishing line and attach to adhesive handle on ceiling. Adjust fishing line to the perfect height. Inflate before attaching to ceiling. 

Image Credits: Image 7 - @Danusiowo, Image 6 - @acudna, Image 4 + 5 @roxanall_

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